Built in 1910 by Anaïs Peigne , current Hotel Du Lac and was named originally "Le Rendez-Vous Des Pêcheurs" . A nice little inn where the owner cooked and served on command any Sunday , chickens she cultivated herself , fishermen who came even Dijon.
Her husband died during the war of 14 , Anaïs Peigne remarried in the 30s , with M.Courcelles .
It was at this time that the institution grows.
It added an annex six rooms that had neither running water nor electricity is created .
Then in 1936 , the son of Anaïs Peigne, Raymond Laurençon , who took the estate with his wife Marcelle .
Fine cook (he toured the world on boats) , he developed the restoration.
The Hotel was occupied by the Germans , and then expands again in the 50s .
It was completely transformed into a modern building with a large dining room and bedrooms upstairs .
With 60s , the development of tourism and vacation pay , he experienced a new expansion . We built a new dining room and eight additional rooms.
It was at this time that the hotel had its heyday .
"People ate with some frenzy ... " remembers Denise Laurençon .
Michel Laurençon was working in the kitchen with her father.
And in 1977 , he took over from Raymond and Marcelle with his wife Denise .

Today is Laurent and Yannick Savioz glad that well to perpetuate the reputation of this institution become an institution on the sector.